When you have an emergency, timing is critical

With MyMedHistory, you can take control of an emergency situation with our advanced preparation technology. First responders will now have immediate access to crucial medical information required to begin specific treatment with a patient’s unique medical needs available to them on-scene.

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Each user gets a unique MyMedHistory QR code and ID number. Simply use your phone’s camera to scan the MyMedHistory QR code. This will lead to your secure MyMedHistory.com profile which contains your important life saving medical information such as medications, allergies, emergency contacts, and much more.

Securely uniting patients, first responders, and healthcare providers in an emergency. This secure MMH QR Code goes with the subscriber everywhere. It can be used not only in emergencies but at doctors’ appointments, pharmacy, school, nursing home, work, vacation, in-home health care, etc. We are a HIPAA compliant platform, keeping your privacy and security protected.

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First Responders

Emergency Personnel can scan your personal MyMedHistory QR code or call our 24 hour hotline and securely gain acces to your profile and personal health records. Most importantly you are in control of what information is shown and what information is password portected.

We are the first company to work directly with all first responder agencies to develop our program so they are trained to quickly recognize your decal and know to scan your QR code for your vital medical information. We are enabling emergency personnel to treat patients according to their individual needs and enabling you to give your medical care team what they need to help save your life. With even more on the way.

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Quality Care / Peace of Mind

In an emergency know that your information and those of your loved ones is in the right hands. MyMedHistory.com allows you to quickly access, store, and manage all your important health information.

MyMedHistory.com medical profiles can be accessed anytime, anywhere by either QR code or calling our 24 hour live support line. In an emergency know that your information and those of your loved ones is in the right hands.

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