About MyMedHistory

Innovative Technology That Puts You In Control Of Your Medical History

What is MyMedHistory

With MyMedHistory, all your personalized medical information will be available to first responders in a matter of seconds.

Information such as: allergies, medications, medical history, emergency contacts, vital legal documents, information about caregiver responsibilities for family members including pets, and more is now as easily accessible as taking a picture with your smartphone.

Our patent pending program also incorporates biometric technology for facial recognition to help first responders identify, assist and return our members with dementia related diseases home.

Our Story

Founded by Monty Smatt-Klein, MyMedHistory.com is a lifesaving technology that was created in response to a personal emergency. When Monty was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in a punctured spleen and lung, four broken ribs, a shattered left shoulder blade, broken right clavicle, and a broken right hand, he was fortunate to be conscious enough to tell first responders that he was on blood thinners. With that crucial bit of information, the rescue staff was able to change direction and airlift Monty to the hospital. If he hadn’t been able to communicate, he would most likely have died during the ninety-minute ambulance ride, just like the more than 400,000 people that die every year due to medical errors.

How It Works

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